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Boise, Idaho
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Fire Weather Zone changes on April 1st

In an effort to serve its users better, WFO Pendleton and Boise are reconfiguring many of its fire zones beginning on April 1st, 2014. Most of the zone boundaries were adjusted to better align with topography as well as climatological regimes, especially during thunderstorm events. The following maps show the present fire zone configuration for Boise (Fig. 1), and the new WFO Boise fire zone configuration (Fig. 2). Following the maps is a geographical description of the new zone boundaries. The new Fire Zone 646 will be transferred to WFO Boise.

Old WFO Boise Fire Zones in the Area affected:

New WFO Boise Fire Zones in the Area affected:

Vale BLM (OR 637):

This zone is being modified slightly to bring the northern boundary back to the Malheur/Baker county line. The remainder of the zone remains unchanged. No RAWS will be affected and the zone name will remain unchanged.

Baker Valley (OR 646, old OR 638):

Starting at Brownlee Dam follow the ID/OR border south to the Baker/Malheur county line, then westward along the Baker/Malheur to where it meets the Wallowa Whitman National Forest (NF) boundary. Northward to where Highway 26 hits the Wallowa Whitman NF boundary, then diagonally to 44 35 55N 117 55 00W, northward to 44 38 18n 117 57 04W, then go to 44 41 41N 117 57 35W, then 44 43 29N 117 55 23W, then 44 46 52N 117 54 03W, then 44 47 19N 117 55 17W (this gathers portions of the broken land that covers the Wallowa Whitman NF). Go northward along the Old Wingman Road and then follow the Pocahontas Road until you get to 44 50 22N 117 58 23W, then over to 44 50 25N 117 59 33W, then going due north until you hit Willow Creek Lane and head west to the point 44 54 18N 118 02 02W. Head north on Willow Creek Road to Muddy Lane then follow Foothills Road to the North Powder River (Union/Baker County Line) This boundary breaks the lower valley from the higher terrain to the west. Follow the Union/Baker County line to the Wallowa Whitman NF/Eagle Cap Wilderness boundary. This zone name will remain Baker Valley.

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