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Eureka, California
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Tactical Decision Aid

Before departure, call 1-800-WX-BRIEF for latest weather and to file flight plans.
If volcanoes erupt, you can track the Ash Cloud Projections
Airmets, Obs & Pireps TAFs, FAs & Discussions Forecast Charts Tactical Decision Aid

Miscellaneous Items
  1. Airmet plotting map
  2. NOAA's National Aviation Weather Center, with lots of aviation data across the USA
  3. TRACON Briefing Package courtesy of the
    Center Weather Service Unit (CWSU) in Palmdale, CA
  4. High Level Significant Weather Charts
  5. NOAA's Daily Weather Maps, including archived maps
  6. Alaska Aviation Weather Unit
  7. The Front: Aviation Newsletter
  8. Nav Canada Aviation Weather

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