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Eureka, California
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Wind Tabe

Beaufort Wind Scale

(Remember to report any wind damage.)

Speed (mph) Designation Description
1-3 light air smoke drift indicates wind direction
4-7 light breeze weather vane moves, leaves rustle
8-12 gentle breeze leaves and twigs in constant motion
13-18 moderate breeze dust and loose paper raised, small branches move
19-24 fresh breeze small trees sway
25-31 strong breeze large branches move, wind whistles wires
32-38 moderate gale whole trees move, walking affected
39-46 fresh gale twigs break off trees, walking difficult
47-54 strong gale slight structural damage occurs, branches break
55-63 whole gale trees uprooted, considerable structural damage
64-74 storm widespread damage
75+ hurricane severe and extensive damage