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Flagstaff, Arizona
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NOAA Weather Radio

  • Transmits weather information over VHF radio frequencies 24 hours a day
  • Provides up-to-the-minute weather forecasts and information
  • Provides a warning alarm or alert during severe weather using SAME


NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts are made on high-band VHF-FM frequenices ranging from 162.40 to 162.55 Megahertz. These frequencies are not found on the average home or car radio...but can be obtained on a weather radio which is available at most electronic or hobby stores.


Transmitters for NOAA Weather Radio in Northern Arizona are located as follows:

Transmitter Location       Call Sign     Frequency
Mount Elden at Flagstaff     WXK-76       162.400

Porter Mountain east of      WXK-76A      162.400
Show Low

Hopi Point at Grand Canyon   WWF-52       162.475

Piney Hill near Window Rock  WWF-99       162.550

Mingus Mountain northeast    WWF-98       162.525
of Prescott

Greens Peak/White Mountains  KXI-23       162.525

Mt Ord/Payson                WWG-41       162.425                  


NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts in Northern Arizona are programed at the National Weather Service Offics in Flagstaff, Arizona. The programing for each station is tailored to the interests and the needs of the local users. A programming cycle is between 3 and 6 minutes long and is continuosly updated and repeated.

Routine programming includes the following:

  • Current Weather conditions from around the region
  • Local area forecasts with extended outlooks
  • Recreational forecasts
  • Weather synopsis and summaries
  • Local climate summaries

Under special circumstances, such as inclement weather, other special messages will be broadcast such as:

  • Watches and warnings
  • Short term forecasts
  • Special weather statements
  • Public information statements

Severe Weather

During times of inclement weather routine programming may be interrupted by watches and warnings or other special weather bulletins. The National Weather Service can activate specially designed weather radios to alarm just prior to broadcasting warnings and watches that affect the listening area including:

  • Severe thunderstorm
  • Tornado
  • Flash Flood
  • Blizzard

Other pertinent weather information of concern will be broadcast such as the latest information on heavy snow, high winds, freezing rain and winter storms.


Also known as short term forecasts, nowcasts will be broadcasts when weather conditions of special interest are expected to affect the immediate local listening area. The nowcasts cover a time period generally from two to six hours with more detail than the normal local forecasts.


Reception will depend on the location of the receiver and upon atmospheric conditions. Since VHF radio waves travel in straight lines, reception behind mountains or in canyons may be poor. On the other hand, since most transmitters are located at high elevations, reception at lower elevations across the Arizona deserts may extend quite far.

Although NOAA Weather Radio is available to an estimted 80 percent of the population (and is expected to increase coverage to 95 percent), it remains a vastly underused service and resource.

For the general public, travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, NOAA Weather Radio provides unequaled means of obtaining the latest weather information available as well as the quickest source for warnings of natural hazards.

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