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Los Angeles, California
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Downtown Los Angeles Climate Page

Please note: The data below comes from two different time periods, 1877-2007 and 1921-2006. The data from both periods will be updated periodically. We recommend using the 1921-2006 datasets when available and use the 1877-2007 data if you need data prior to 1921.
Any extremes that occurred prior to 1921 will not be reflected in the 1921-2006 datasets. Discrepancies may occur between this dataset and any record statements that are issued for downtown Los Angeles since the record statements are based on data back to 1877.
Also note that the data contained within these pages has not been verified for accuracy. If you need certified records, please contact one of the climate centers.
1921 - 2006 Data
Observed and Average Monthly/Annual
Max Temp | Min Temp | Heating Degree Days | Cooling Degree Days
Rainfall Calendar Year | Water Year

Average First and Last Date of 40 degrees or lower (August - March)
Average First and Last Date of 100 degrees or higher (calendar year)

Top 20
Highest Max Temp | Lowest Max Temp | Lowest Min Temp | Highest Min Temp
Rainiest Days and Wettest Years (Jan 1 - Dec 31) | Wettest Water Years (Jul 1 - Jun 30)
Wettest periods
Longest dry periods beginning between Sept 1st and May 1st
Monthly and Daily Extremes for Temperature, Precipitation and Degree Days
January July
February August
March September
April October
May November
June December

Graphical Portrayal of Downtown Los Angeles Daily Temperature and Precipitation Data
By Year (1921-Present)
(from Charles Fisk - Meteorologist with Geophysics Branch - Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC))

1877 - 2007 Data
Average Monthly Max Temp | Min Temp
Observed and Average Monthly/Annual Precipitation
Water Year Rainfall For Downtown Los Angeles (1877-78 thru 2005 Seasons)
Top 10 Wettest and Driest Months
Record and Average Daily Temperature, Rainfall, HDD, and CDD
January July
February August
March September
April October
May November
June December
Other Climate Data
Los Angeles Civic Center Daily Precipitation
Tabular climate data

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