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Medford, Oregon
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  Report Criteria 
Jackson & Josephine counties
Klamath, Lake, Siskiyou & Modoc Counties
Douglas, Coos & Curry Counties
  Format for SKYWARN ™ Reports 
  1. Location
Be precise, but remember that the forecaster might not be familiar with the area. Specify your location relative to a recognizable town within your County and include your spotter number.
  1. Time of observation
In most cases, the word "currently" is sufficient. If your observations are 10 or 15 minutes old, give the actual time for your observation in local time.
  1. Wind speed
Give your estimate in mph using Beaufort Scale. Be sure to report wind damage such as downed trees or power lines.
  1. Rate of rainfall
If you have an official rain gauge, provide a numerical value.
  1. Presence of hail
Report the size of the hail and if any damage has occured.
  1. Location of storm
You can estimate your distance from a thunderstorm by measuring how long it takes for the thunder to reach you after you see lightning. Remember, sound requires about 5 seconds to travel one mile. If you have a good view to the horizon, you might also be able to judge a storms position relative to landmarks that can be pinpointed on a map.
  Hail Diameter Size 
Size Description
¼" Pea size
½" Mothball size
¾" Dime size
1" Quarter size
1 ¼" Half dollar size
1 ½" Ping pong ball size
1 ¾" Golf ball size
2" Hen egg size
2 ½" Tennis ball size
2 ¾" Baseball size
3" Teacup size
4" Grapefruit size
4 ½" Softball size
  Beaufort Scale 
Force Wind
Appearance of Wind Effects
On the Water On Land
0 Less than 1 Calm Sea surface smooth and mirror-like Calm, smoke rises vertically
1 1-3 (1-3 mph) Light Air Scaly ripples, no foam crests Smoke drift indicates wind direction, still wind vanes
2 4-6(4-7 mph) Light Breeze Small wavelets, crests glassy, no breaking Wind felt on face, leaves rustle, vanes begin to move
3 7-10(8-2 mph) Gentle Breeze Large wavelets, crests begin to break, scattered whitecaps Leaves and small twigs constantly moving, light flags extended
4 11-16(13-18 mph) Moderate Breeze Small waves 1-4 ft. becoming longer, numerous whitecaps Dust, leaves, and loose paper lifted, small tree branches move
5 17-21(19-24 mph) Fresh Breeze Moderate waves 4-8 ft taking longer form, many whitecaps, some spray Small trees in leaf begin to sway
6 22-27(25-31 mph) Strong Breeze Larger waves 8-13 ft, whitecaps common, more spray Larger tree branches moving, whistling in wires
7 28-33(32-38 mph) Near Gale Sea heaps up, waves 13-20 ft, white foam streaks off breakers Whole trees moving, resistance felt walking against wind
8 34-40(39-46 mph) Gale Moderately high (13-20 ft) waves of greater length, edges of crests begin to break into spindrift, foam blown in streaks Whole trees in motion, resistance felt walking against wind
9 41-47(47-64 mph) Strong Gale High waves (20 ft), sea begins to roll, dense streaks of foam, spray may reduce visibility Slight structural damage occurs, slate blows off roofs
10 48-55(55-63 mph) Storm Very high waves (20-30 ft) with overhanging crests, sea white with densely blown foam, heavy rolling, lowered visibility Seldom experienced on land, trees broken or uprooted, "considerable structural damage"
11 56-63(64-75 mph) Violent Storm Exceptionally high (30-45 ft) waves, foam patches cover sea, visibility more reduced  
12 64+(>75mph) Hurricane Air filled with foam, waves over 45 ft, sea completely white with driving spray, visibility greatly reduced  

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