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Spokane, Washington
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Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Weather Events & Studies

Top Ten 2013 Weather Events in the Inland NW

June 29 , 2010 - Mammatus Clouds on the Camas Prairie

May 22, 2010 - Mammatus Clouds in Spokane

May 3, 2010 - Damaging Winds in the Inland Northwest

Feb 2010 - Hole Punch Clouds near Wenatchee

July 2009 - Noctilucent Clouds near Spokane

June 2009 - Four Tornadoes near Wilbur/Creston

Apr 2009 - Localized Heavy Snow in NW Spokane

Mar 2009 - Snow Rollers on the Camas Prairie

Jan 2009 - Rime

Jan 2009 - Melting Snowpack

Dec 2008 - Snow Rollers near Medical Lake

July 2008 - Okmok Volcanic Cloud over Pac NW

March 2008 - Sundogs

June 2006 - Circumhorizon Arc spotted over Inland NW

May 2006 - New Upper Air Equipment Installation

Aug 2005 - Dust Storm in Spokane, Washington

Aug 2005 - School Fire Photos in the Blue Mountains

June 2005 - Fierce Winds in Eastern Washington

Apr 2005 - Altocumuls Standing Lenticular Clouds

Mar 2005 - Minor Mt St Helens Eruption

Jan 2005 - Ice Jam on Entiat River

Jan 2005 - Ice Breakup on Hangman Creek

Jan 2005 - High Water on Stehekin River

Nov 2004 - Aurora Borealis

May 2004 - Spokane Tornado

May 2004 - East Wenatchee Tornado

Aug 2003 - British Columbia Wildfires

June 2003 - Lightning over WSU

June 2003 - Large hail in Otis Orchards

May 2003 - Tornado near Warden

May 2003 - Graupel over Liberty Lake

April 2003 - Mammatus Clouds near Lewiston

February 2003 - Flooding on the Palouse

September 2002 - Funnel over Davenport

May 2002 - Thunder over Coeur d'Alene

May 2002 - Snow in Reardan radar image

September 2001 - Painting the Radar

July 2001 - Cloud Shadow on Marine Stratus

June 2001 - Valley Fog Breakup

April 2001 - Contrails

February 2001 Winter Storm

January 2001 - Rime

January 2001 - Winter Storm Satellite Photo

November 2000 - Snow cover through the clouds

September 2000 - Wave Clouds

August 2000 - Smoke from Summer Wildfire

Thunderstorm Squall Line - 25 Aug 2013
By Ryan Fliehman
Dust Storm 12 July 2010
By Ron Miller
Unusual Radar Echoes - May & June 2010
By Jonathan Fox
Severe Thunderstorm from Priest Lake to Newport 28 Jul 2009
By Jonathan Fox and Ron Miller
Freezing Drizzle Causes Icy Roads near Post Falls 27 Jan 2009
By Ron Miller
Impressive Hailstorm on 28 May 2008
By Ron Miller and Kerry Jones
An end to a Snowy March 2008
By Ron Miller
NW Aviation Conference Satellite/Radar Presentation Feb 2008
By Matt Fugazzi
Strong Winter Storm on Feb 7 2008 hits Inland Northwest
By Ron Miller
Recap of Jan 26/27 2008 Heavy Snow Storm
By Ron Miller
Strong Winter Storms Hit the Inland Northwest 1-3 Dec 2007
By Ron Miller
How Hot was July 2007?
By Ron Miller
Hottest Day Ever in the Inland Northwest.
By Ron Miller and Steve Bodnar
Severe Thunderstorms in the Idaho Panhandle on 29 June 2007
By Ron Miller
Overview of Satellite Products and Interpretation 02 Mar 2007
By Matt Fugazzi and Kerry Jones
Icy Roads in Coeur d'Alene on 29 Jan 2007
By Ron Miller
Fog in the Inland Northwest 26 Jan 2007
By Robin Fox
Heavy Snow over the Spokane area on 10 Jan 2007
By Ron Miller
High Winds on 07 Jan 2007
By Kerry Jones
Heavy Snow event on the Palouse 04 Jan 2007
By Ron Miller
Flash Flooding on HWY 150 near Slide Ridge 05 July 2006
By Kerry Jones
Widespread Blowing Dust Event 12 August 2005
By Ron Miller
A Look at Precipitation from the 2003-2004 Water Year
By Jeremy Harbeck
Large Hail from Severe Thunderstorms on 10 June 2003
By Ron Miller
Example of Conveyor Belts in a Pacific Northwest Storm on 27 Dec 2002
By Ron Miller
An Elevated Supercell in the Columbia Basin 19 May 2002
By Ron Miller
Cold Air Damming Along the Cascade East Slopes 14 Dec 2000
By Ron Miller
Early season snow strikes Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, 11/8/00
By Don Moore
Factors that Lead to the Development of Elevated Daytime Thunderstorms 4/27/00
By Don Moore and Paul Bos
The Spring Storm of 4/14/00
By Todd Carter
The Winter Storm of 1/16/00
By Don Moore
Overview of the 02 February 1999 Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho Wind Storm
By Don Moore

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