Cold Advisory for Newborn Livestock (CANL)

The CANL graphics below show the risk of cold exposure to newborn livestock. The risk is related to wind chill temperature, precipitation, and humidity, and ranges from "NONE" for no risk, to "EXTREME" for rare and particularly dangerous situations.

This is an EXPERIMENTAL NWS product, currently only used by the Glasgow Forecast Office for Northeast Montana. This product will be available on this web page for evaluation from Feb. 9 2009 until June 1 2009. During this period your comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome using the electronic survey provided at the bottom of this page. Your feedback will help us determine product utility, if modifications are needed, and whether the product should become part of our operational suite.
Documentation and Information for CANL
Latest Text Public Information Statement
Single Panel Graphics for the CANL Index for each forecast period (click on image for larger):

4-PANEL FORECASTS (CANL, Wind Chill, Precip., and Humidity)

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CANL was developed jointly by the University of Miami and the NWS office in Glasgow, Montana.

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