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Probability of 100 Degree Temperature Graphics

The probability of 100 degree temperature forecasts have been created to provide you with more detailed information on the potential for 100 degree temperatures at your location. For example, your forecast high temperature from the National Weather Service in Pendleton may be 101 degrees. However, there is always some uncertainty in temperature forecasting. The probabilities represent how confident we are that on a particular afternoon the temperature will actually rise to 100 degrees or higher. A study conducted at the Pendleton NOAA National Weather Service Forecast Office indicates that the threat for heat related illness increases substantially when temperatures reach 100 degrees or higher, especially when the mercury rises at or above that level on consecutive days. These forecasts will be issued form June 1st through September 14th.

Maximum Temperature: Day 1
100 Degree Probability: Day 1
Maximum Temperature: Day 2
100 Degree Probability: Day 2
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The NWS Pendleton Probability of 100 Degree Temperature Graphics available on this page are prototype products.
As a result, this page is subject to change or modification at any time without notice.

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