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Pendleton, Oregon
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Graphical Evapotranspiration Forecast

This product provides a forecast of daily evapotranspiration (ET) or "crop water use". The ET values are calculated using the 1982 Kimberly-Penman model and National Weather Service forecasts of temperature, relative humidity, wind, and cloud cover. These values are for alfalfa crops. For information on their application to other crops or irrigation planning, please visit the Bureau of Reclamation, Pacific Northwest Region, AgriMet web site:

The departures from normal graphics are based on ET estimates from AgriMet weather stations, archived by the Bureau of Reclamation. For information about these weather stations and the ET archive, see:

Product Description Document(PDD)
Day 1
Evapotranspiration - Day 1
Departure From Normal - Day 1
Day 2
Evapotranspiration - Day 2
Departure From Normal - Day 2
Day 3
Evapotranspiration - Day 3
Departure From Normal - Day 3
Day 4
Evapotranspiration - Day 4
Departure From Normal - Day 4
Day 5
Evapotranspiration - Day 5
Departure From Normal - Day 5
Day 6
Evapotranspiration - Day 6
Departure From Normal - Day 6
Day 7
Evapotranspiration - Day 7
Departure From Normal - Day 7

Go here for Evapotranspiration Forecast Text.