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Portland, Oregon
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Local Photo Collection

Our Local Photo Album

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Also, Check out NOAA's Photo Collection, including historical and world-wide weather images.

Since these images are public domain, no permission is needed if you want to use them. However, please give credit to the National Weather Service if you use them.

Yaquina Head Coastal / Marine
1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5
Lighthouses, big waves, and marine boats, Columbia River Bar, and other coastal marine. Also, see some of the coastal views. Page 4 has Beaufort Force wind/sea photos.
                ( last addition: 1/2006 )
Mt. Hood Inland Pacific NW
1.. 2.. 3
Interior Pacific NW, including Portland, Eugene, the Cascades.
Page 3 contains a collection of historic Mount St. Helens images
                ( last addition: 3/2005 )
Heppner Oregon Flood Rivers and Floods
1.. 2.. 3.. 4
Covered Bridges, Rivers, gauges, and flood plains. Also, 1996, 1964, and Vanport floods, as well as the famous Heppner flash flood.
                ( last addition: 1/2006 )
Funnel cloud from the 2007 Lebanon, OR tornado. Thunder & Twisters
1.. 2.. 3
Thunderstorms, Funnel clouds, tornadoes, lightning, hail.
Also, historical storm summaries
                ( last addition: 9/2007 )
A snowy Skyline Blvd in Portland circa 1979 Snow & Ice
1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5. 6
Collection of Winter Weather, such as snow, ice and freezing rain. Extensive images from the January 2004 Winter storm.
                ( last addition: 3/2005 )
Downed tree from Columbus Day storm of 1962 12 Oct. 1962
1.. 2.. 3
Famous Columbus Day Windstorm.
also, historical storm summaries
                 ( last addition: 9/2003 )
Tree damage from the Feb 2002 windstorm 7 Feb. 2002
South Willamette Valley Windstorm.
also, storm summary
                ( last addition: 3/2005 )
Aircraft dumping fire suppressants Fire Weather
1.. 2
Assortment of images from big fires and smoke columns.
                ( last addition: 1/2006 )
Blowing dust near Lebanon, OR Misc. Weather
Collection of miscellaneous weather images such as dust storms, frost, fog, and optical effects such as rainbows and sunsets.
                ( last addition: 3/2005 )

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