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Phoenix, Arizona
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New Year's Eve Weather and Climate Statistics
Updated: 6:00 AM December 20, 2011

The graphic and table below detail temperatures during the late evening through early morning hours of New Year's Eve/New Year's Day in Phoenix, AZ. The data were compiled from hourly temperature data from 1980 through 2008. For rainfall data, all hourly data available (1931 through 2008) were used. Of all those years, it has only rained twice in Phoenix between the hours of 5 PM on New Year's Eve through 5 AM on New Year's Day. Those two occurrences were 1965 (0.20" from 5 PM to 5AM) and 1977 (0.28" from 5 PM to 5 AM). To get the latest forecast, enter your location in the Forecast Box in the top-left corner.

Temperatures during New Year's Eve.
Temp. Range
Avg. Temp.Upper Temp.
5 PM576476
6 PM536274
7 PM515968
8 PM485765
9 PM465665
10 PM445464
11 PM435362
12 AM415260
1 AM415160
2 AM404960
3 AM384959
4 AM374859
5 AM364758

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