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Flood deaths in Utah prior to 1950

July 17, 1863 4 Iron A flood generated by a series of cloudbursts raised Pine Creek to a level of 20 feet. A house was swept away and four children drowned.
July 23, 1878 2 Tooele A cloudburst at Johnson's settlement in Skull Valley resulted in a flood which killed two Indians and 20 head of cattle.
August 16, 1889 1 Sanpete A flash flood drowned a boy, some cattle, and some horses in Wood Canyon near Mayfield.
July 14, 1896 2 Juab Torrential rain flooded the town of Eureka. Two people were drowned and one died of heart failure.
July 28, 1896 4 Juab Four people lost their lives in Eureka. Main Street was turned into a raging torrent.
August 22, 1896 1 Sevier A wagonload of laborers were caught in a flooded stream in Clear Creek Canyon, south of Joseph. One man was killed.
October 7, 1896 1 Grand A man drowned while attempting to cross Mill Creek near Moab while it was swollen by heavy rain.
August 4, 1900 1 Emery In Orangeville, a boy drowned in a creek flooded by heavy rain.
August 5, 1901 1 Garfield A boy drowned while swimming in the gorge 15 miles below Escalante when a freshet came down the gully.
August 6, 1901 2 Carbon Two lives were lost and a great deal of damage was done to property at Winter Quarters, which is west of Scofield.
August 10, 1903 1 Washington A man was trapped in a flash flood in Dry Creek near Toquerville. He subsequently drowned.
September 1, 1909 1 Uintah A man drowned in a flash flood while driving a wagon across a stream. Occurred at the Ashley River near Vernal.
June 19, 1918 1 Sanpete An intense cloudburst caused extensive flooding along Pleasant Creek in Mount Pleasant. One farmer drowned, and property damage amounted to $100,000. Streets were covered with mud, boulders, and debris.
August 2, 1922 1 Salt Lake Ellis Yates, a 6 year old boy, was drowned by a flood in Magna. The flood demolished his family's residence.
August 13, 1923 7 Davis Seven people drowned as a result of a tremendous flood in Farmington Canyon near Farmington. Farming sections were largely destroyed, with houses, barns, orchards, and highways covered with several feet of mud. Lagoon resort was flooded and patrons were rescued from trees. Farmington Canyon Road was completely destroyed.
August 13, 1923 2 Box Elder Two women drowned when their house was demolished by a flash flood in Willard Canyon near Willard.
July 4, 1925 1 Uintah An eight-year-old child drowned as he was swept from an automobile by a flood in Five Mile Creek near Vernal.
August 16, 1928 1 Carbon A sheep rancher drowned when torrential rains at Nine Mile Canyon near Price caused heavy flooding that covered his automobile. His daughter, who was riding with him, escaped by clinging to brush and crawling to safety.
July 21, 1934 1 Sevier A boy drowned in a sudden flood in Lost Creek near Salina.
July 29, 1936 1 Emery A woman drowned in a flood in Ferron which swept down a dry wash following a cloudburst.
July 30, 1936 1 Beaver Cloudburst rains caused heavy damage to property in Minersville. One woman drowned.
July 29, 1937 1 Carbon Huge boulders were loosened by a flood in Price, rolling through a house and killing a 6-year-old girl. Three other people were injured.
August 31, 1939 1 Grand Mrs. Albert Turner was swept to her death at the head of Diamond Creek in the Book Cliffs near Cisco by flood waters.
August 5, 1948 1 Carbon The body of a man was found in a pile of debris after a flash flood near Sunnyside.

Flood deaths in Utah after 1950

August 26, 1952 1 Emery One man drowned when a cloudburst flooded the tunnel in which he was working at Buckhorn Wash Proving Ground about 15 miles south of Castle Dale.
September 17, 1961 5 Washington A hiking party of 26 persons was caught in a flash flood in a narrow canyon (termed the Narrows) of the Virgin River in Zion National Park. Five members of that party drowned (scouts). The flood resulted from heavy rainfall and was said by old-timers to be the largest they had ever seen coming through the Narrows. The crest of the flood reached 14 feet in some of the narrow gorges.
September 17, 1961 1 Kane At Wahweap Creek near Glen Canyon City a 9-year-old girl drowned in a flash flood.
June 10, 1965 7 Daggett A husband...wife...their three children...and two nephews drowned in a flash flood in Sheep Creek Canyon in the Uinta Mountains. They were camped in Palisades Campground along the snowmelt-swollen waters of Sheep Creek. Heavy rains in the area turned the creek into a raging torrent.
September 5, 1970 2 San Juan A major Labor Day storm in the Four Corners area of Utah (also Arizona) produced tremendous amounts of rain. A couple drove their car off a washed-out bridge and drowned but their son...who was washed into shallow water...survived. A great deal of damage was done to property in the area such as roads and ranches.
February 18, 1980 1 Washington Flooding was extensive due to heavy rains along the Virgin and Santa Clara Rivers in southwest Utah. A woman and her companion attempted to cross swollen Kolob Creek near Virgin. The vehicle they were riding in was carried several hundred yards downstream with the woman drowning and her companion swimming to safety.
June 24, 1983 1 Millard The DMAD dam near Delta failed on June 23rd, creating a flash flood. A man tried to traverse the raging waters from the demise of the dam...fell in...and drowned.
May 13, 1984 1 Carbon A man was killed by a debris/mud flow in the tiny town of Clear Creek. Also...three homes and four garages were demolished.
May 14, 1984 1 Tooele A man was killed in Middle Fork Canyon at the Carr Fork Mine when a mudslide released tons of debris/mud that covered his bulldozer.
February 18, 1986 1 Box Elder Heavy rains in Box Elder County caused flooding in several areas. A 2-year-old boy drowned in a rain-swollen canal/irrigation ditch.
July 15, 1993 2 Washington Two male scout leaders drowned at Zion National Park in Kolob Creek during a flash flood. One was 27 years old and the other 31.
September 14, 1996 1 San Juan A flash flood in the afternoon claimed the life of a 16-year-old girl. She and 12 others (adults/teens) were hiking in the "Black Hole" area of White Canyon (38 miles west of Blanding) when the flash flood roared through the narrow canyon. She was swept away with her body being found about 100 yards downstream the next day.
September 5, 1998 1 Kane A flash flood in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area's Ice Cream Canyon swept away and drowned a 10-year-old girl. She was standing on the side of the canyon observing the flash flood in the canyon below when the side gave way and she fell in.
May 13, 2001 1 Washington A 10-year-old boy was killed after being swept off a cliff by a "curtain" of water during a flash flood that was falling across a steep cliff-side trail. A second boy was rescued.
January 10, 2005 1 Washington A man and his wife in their vehicle got caught in flood waters in a normally dry wash in the Red Cliff Recreation area near Quail Creek Reservoir during a major flood event. The man was swept downstream and was killed, while the woman was rescued.
July 30, 2006 2 Carbon A 1-year old boy and a 5-year old boy were killed after a flash flood toppled the family’s vehicle on Sunday, July 30, 2006 at approximately 5 p.m..  The family was off-roading in Garley’s wash and was hit by a “wall” of water, sweeping it nearly a mile downstream.
September 10, 2008 2 Garfield

A group of eight hikers (six hikers and two guides) were caught in a flash flood around 230 pm. They were hiking in a difficult section of a technical slot canyon when the flood occurred. Quick moving thunderstorms traversed the area between 1230 pm and 100 pm. Radar estimates of .20 to .50 inches in the vicinity of the slot canyon. The flash flood resulted in 2 fatalities and 2 injuries.

August 1, 2012 1 Washington

A 2-year old La Verkin girl was playing near her backyard while the family was doing yardwork when a fast-moving flash flood swept down La Verkin Creek. The child was found downstream 2 hours later after the flood waters subsided.

September 27, 20141 Washington

A 34-year-old male was killed as a flash flood moved through the Virgin River Narrows in Zion National Park.


Updated October 17, 2014

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