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El Nino / La Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO)       
ENSO Event Occurrences ENSO Resources
Total Number of Events 1950-2014 65 Water Year (October-September) ENSO Data
Strong El Nino (SE) 5 Strong La Nina (SL) 7 Water Year ENSO Precipitation Graphs for 8 station and 5 station Index
Moderate El Nino (ME) 9 Moderate La Nina (ML) 3 ENSO Diagnostic Discussion
Weak El Nino (WE) 7 Weak La Nina (WL) 12 CPC ENSO Page
Neutral (N) 22   How ENSO leads to a cascade of global impacts
  El Nino and Interior Northern California Precipitation Video
Northern Sierra - 8 Station Index Map
San Joaquin - 5 Station Index Map
Northern Sierra - 8 Station Info San Joaquin - 5 Station Info
ENSO Precipitation for Interior Northern California Locations