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Las Vegas, Nevada
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Bishop Weather Scenes

The Climate of Bishop, California is a publication produced by the staff at the National Weather Service Office in Las Vegas, Nevada. All data in this publication was obtained from the official forms, publications, digital datasets and record books for this station. All normals, unless noted, were produced by the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) in Asheville, North Carolina. NCDC should be contacted for certified weather data.

Information in this publication was last updated on March 19, 2015.

Compiled by Chris Stachelski.

NOTE: This document is in pdf format.

Download the full edition of the Bishop Climate Book in pdf format.


An Overview Of The Geography And Climate Of Bishop
History Of Weather Observations

Temperature Record
Temperature Overview
January Daily Normals And Records
February Daily Normals And Records
March Daily Normals And Records
April Daily Normals And Records
May Daily Normals And Records
June Daily Normals And Records
July Daily Normals And Records
August Daily Normals And Records
September Daily Normals And Records
October Daily Normals And Records
November Daily Normals And Records
December Daily Normals And Records
Graph Of Normal Daily Maximum And Minimum Temps Based On 1981-2010 Normals

Warmest And Coldest Monthly And Annual Average Temperatures
Average Monthly And Annual Temperatures
Graph of Average Annual Temperature for Bishop

Highest And Lowest Maximum Temperatures Ever Recorded
Highest And Lowest Minimum Temperatures Ever Recorded
Highest Maximum Temperature By Year
Graph Of The Highest Maximum Temperature By Year
Lowest Maximum Temperature By Year
Graph Of The Lowest Maximum Temperature By Year
Highest Minimum Temperature By Year
Graph Of The Highest Minimum Temperature By Year
Lowest Minimum Temperature By Year
Graph Of The Lowest Minimum Temperature By Year

Number Of Days With A Specific Temperature
Number of Consecutive Days With A Specific Temperature
Earliest And Latest First Occurrence And Last Occurrence for Specific Temperature Thresholds And Averages
Heating And Cooling Degree Days

Precipitation Record
Precipitation Overview
January Normal And Record Precipitation
February Normal And Record Precipitation
March Normal And Record Precipitation
April Normal And Record Precipitation
May Normal And Record Precipitation
June Normal And Record Precipitation
July Normal And Record Precipitation
August Normal And Record Precipitation
September Normal And Record Precipitation
October Normal And Record Precipitation
November Normal And Record Precipitation
December Normal And Record Precipitation

Maximum 24 Hour Precipitation By Month And Greatest Ever
Wettest Calendar Days Ever.pdf
Wettest and Driest Months, Years and Seasons
Total Monthly And Annual Precipitation
Graph Of The Total Yearly Precipitation
Number Of Days With Precipitation
Consecutive Days Records

Snow Records
Daily Snowfall Records
Seasonal Snowfall Totals
Graph Of Total Seasonal Snow

Humidity Normals
Normal Relative Humidity Values

Fog Normals
Average Number of Days With Dense Fog

Thunderstorm Normals
Average Number Of Days With Thunderstorms

Pressure Record
Pressure Records

Wind Record
Wind Normals and Records

Holiday Weather
Holiday Weather Overview

Ten Significant Weather Events
Ten Significant Weather Events

El Nino and La Nina
El Nino and La Nina and Their Impact On The Weather In Bishop

Acknowledgements and References
Acknowledgements and References


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