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Las Vegas, Nevada
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Publications: The following are local research projects recently completed by NWS Las Vegas forecasters.

  1. A Century of Weather in Death Valley, CA: 1911-2011 - Chris Stachelski

  2. Snow Event in the Las Vegas Valley 12/17/2008 - Chris Stachelski
  3. Synoptic El Nino and La Nina Episodes and Their Impact On The Weather In The Las Vegas Valley , by Chris Stachelski and Stan Czyzyk

  4. Frontogenesis, Conditional Symmetric Instability and Microphysics: Rare Desert Snow Event, by Heather Orow and Stanley Czyzyk

  5. A Gulf of California Moisture Surge from 18-19 August 2003 , by Barry Pierce

  6. The Impact of Evaporational Cooling on the Las Vegas Valley Snowfall of 30 December 2003, by Stan Czyzyk
  7. A Numerical Investigation of the Las Vegas Convergence Zone, by Kim J. Runk and Wendy Schreiber-Abshire, UCAR/COMET, Boulder, CO.

  8. The Las Vegas Flash Floods of 8 July 1999: A Post-Event Summary, by Jesus A. Haro, Harold R. Daley, and Kim J. Runk

  9. Severe Downslope Winds, by Kim J.Runk
  10. Synoptic Patterns Associated with Snow Accumulation in Las Vegas, Nevada, by Scott Cordero, Paul Skrbac, and Dave Kosier

  11. Post-Analysis of a Southern Nevada Flash Flood Event: August 10, 1997, by Kim J. Runk and David P. Kosier

  12. The Las Vegas Convergence Zone: Its Development, Structure, and Implications for Forecasting, by Kim J. Runk

Significant Weather Events

  1. The Mojave Desert and Southern Great Basin Heavy Snow Event of February 11-13, 2001 - Paul Skrbac and Javier Tadefa

  2. Las Vegas Flash Flood Event of August 19, 2003. - Barry Pierce

  3. Death Valley Floods of August 15, 2004. - Stanley Czyzyk

  4. The Mojave Desert Severe Weather Event of July 10, 2008 - Chris Stachelski

  5. Mohave Valley Severe Thunderstorm Event 08/25/2008 (Damage Survey) - Faith Borden

  6. Mojave Desert and Southern Great Basin Snow Event of December 14th-16th, 2008 - Chris Stachelski

  7. Record Flash Flood of July 8, 1999: Ten Year Anniversary - Chris Stachelski and Barry Pierce

  8. Ft Mohave Storm of 9/4/09 Survey - Faith Borden

  9. Caesars Palace Flood of July 3, 1975 - Chris Stachelski

  10. Moapa Valley Flash Flood of August 10, 1981 - Chris Stachelski

  11. A Societal Impacts Climatology For The Las Vegas CWA - Chris Stachelski
  12. Tropical Systems in the Mojave Desert and southern Great Basin - Chris Stachelski

  13. The 2012 Nevada Weather Calendar - A joint project of the NWS Staff in Las Vegas, Reno and Elko and the Nevada State Climatologist Office

  14. Death Valley Dust Storm of February 13, 2012 - Chris Stachelski

  15. Destructive Dust Devils In The Las Vegas Valley On May 7, 2012 - Chris Stachelski and Faith Borden

  16. Lake Havasu City Flash Flood July 13, 2012 - Chris Stachelski

  17. Northwest Las Vegas Thunderstorms July 14-15, 2012 - Chris Stachelski

  18. August 22, 2012 Las Vegas Valley Heavy Rain and Flash Flood Event - Chris Stachelski

  19. September 11, 2012 Las Vegas Valley Heavy Rain and Flash Flood Event - Chris Stachelski

  20. August 12, 2014 Needles, CA Microburst and Flash Flooding - Justin Pullin

  21. December 31, 2014, Mojave Desert Low Elevation Snow Event - Chris Outler

  22. February 23, 2015, Low Elevation Snow Event - Justin Pullin & Chris Outler

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