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Past Weather Data
Question: I would like to get Past Weather Data. Where could I get it from?
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If you want to look at past weather conditions, there are
three places you can find the information in.

First, for climate data and daily weather information you
can reference our climate page at either of these pages:
If you want to search for specific weather stations and get past
hourly observations for those stations, you can use our ROMAN page
For MesoWest FAQ, see the following page:

If you need any other data that you can`t find in the first two
locations, you can go to the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) at
There`s a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section, at bottom left
of this web site: [ look for FAQ ],
that may also be of further assistance.

This may be the relevant section of the page:

On behalf of the The Web Team.
I hope that this is of some help, regarding past data retrieval.

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