• 04-01
    Right But Still Wrong: A Difficult Winter Event
    Jeffrey R. Hedges, WFO Pocatello, ID

  • 04-02
    A Look at the February 25-28, 2003 Winter Storm for Southeast Arizona Using the WES
    Jim Meyer, WFO Tucson, AZ

  • 04-03
    A Pacific Storm As Seen Via The WES: Focus on a Gap Wind Enhanced Convergence Zone and Associated Flooding
    Ivory J. Small and Daniel V. Atkin, WFO San Diego, CA

  • 04-04
    An Example of Conveyor Belts in a Pacific Northwest Storm - A Weather Event Simulation
    Ron Miller, WFO Spokane, WA

  • 04-05
    The AMS Convention Storm of 11-13 February 2003 - A Weather Event Simulator Case Study
    Dave Gomberg, WFO Los Angeles, CA

  • 04-06
    Western Gila County Arizona Flash Flood on 9 September 2003
    Doug Green, WFO Phoenix, AZ

  • 04-07
    An Evaluation and Discussion of Overestimated Snowfall Amounts Associated with a Winter Storm in the
    Northern and Central Sierra Nevada on March 13-15, 2003

    Mark Deutschendorf and Brian O'Hara, WFO Reno, NV

  • 04-08
    April 2nd, 2003 Heavy Snow Event - A WES Case Study
    David Rowe, WFO Sacramento, CA

  • 04-09
    Similar Storms - Different Results
    Timothy Barker, WFO Boise, ID

  • 04-10
    A Blue Mountain Snowstorm WES Case
    Jon Mittelstadt, WFO Pendleton, OR

  • 04-11
    A User Friendly Way of Displaying GFS Ensemble MOS Data along with HPC 3-7 Day Forecasts via the Intranet
    Don Moore, WFO Billings, MT

  • 04-12
    Examination of the Intense Cold Frontal Passage of 19 November 2003 and Associated Low Elevation Snow Event
    in Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon Using the NWS Weather Event Simulator

    William R. Schneider, WFO Portland, OR

  • 04-13
    WES Case Study of a Strong Convective Outbreak over Western Nevada on August 4th, 2003
    Brian Brong, WFO Reno, NV

  • 04-14
    Flood-producing Heavy Rain in Western Washington - A WES Exercise
    Doug McDonnal and Brad Colman, WFO Seattle, WA

  • 04-15
    Shifting Gears - An Analysis of a Thunderstorm Severe Convective Event
    Nathan J. Heinert and Jeffrey R. Hedges, WFO Pocatello, ID

  • 04-16
    A Challenging Tornado Event on the Weather Event Simulator
    Donald Moore, WFO Billings, MT

  • 04-17
    Rotated Supercell Structure in a Severe Weather Event over Northern Arizona on 14 August 2003
    Michael Staudenmaier, WFO Flagstaff, AZ

  • 04-18
    A Southern Sierra Nevada Flash Flood Event Resulting from Monsoonal Convection - A WES Case
    Mark Burger, WFO San Joaquin Valley, CA

  • 04-19
    A Forecast and Analysis of Severe Thunderstorms over Northwest California on 4 August 2003
    Stan Rose, NWS Eureka, CA

  • 04-20
    A Severe Thunderstorm Event on June 10, 2003 in the Inland Northwest - A Weather Event Simulation
    Ron Miller, WFO Spokane, WA

  • 04-21
    A WES Case Study of A Flash Flood Event in Elko County, Nevada on August 2, 2003
    Steven L. Apfel, WFO Elko, NV

  • 04-22
    August 5, 2002 Central Montana Severe Weather Event - A WES Case
    John Blank, WFO Great Falls, MT

  • 04-23
    Microbursts over South-Central Arizona on 22 August 2003
    Doug Green, WFO Phoenix, AZ

  • 04-24
    Forecasting Breakout of Low Stratus and Fog on 8 March 2004
    Clinton Rockey, WFO Portland, OR

  • 04-25
    An Examination of a Lightning Event in the San Francisco Bay Region Using the Weather Event Simulator
    Ryan Walbrun and Warren Blier, WFO San Francisco Bay, CA

  • 04-26
    August 19th, 2003 Severe Convective Wind Event in Western Montana Using the Weather Event Simulator
    Mike W. Johnson and Gene Petrescu, WFO Missoula, MT

  • 04-27
    Rucker Canyon Flash Flood Wes Case
    Erik Pytlak, WFO Tucson, AZ

  • 04-28
    Use of the Flash Flood Monitoring and Prediction (FFMP) Program on the 23-24 August 2003 Flash Flood Event
    in Southern Utah

    Mark Jackson, WFO Salt Lake City, UT

  • 04-29
    Some Interesting Characteristics of Southern California Wildfires and the Resulting Waterman Flash Flood/Mudslide
    Event of December 25, 2003

    Ivory J. Small and Joseph Dandrea, WFO San Diego, CA

  • 04-30
    A Gulf of California Moisture Surge from 18-19 August, 2003
    Barry Pierce, WFO Las Vegas, NV

  • 04-31
    An Examination of a Dynamic Warm Season Convective Event over Northern California
    David Rowe and John Juskie, WFO Sacramento, CA

  • 04-32
    A Nocturnal Thunderstorm Event on August 6, 2003 - A Weather Event Simulation
    Jon Mittelstadt, WFO Pendleton, OR

  • 04-33
    Precipitation Estimates at Long Range - A Western Region WES TA-Lite
    Timothy Barker, WFO Boise, ID

  • 04-34
    Monsoon Flow Brings Golf Ball Hail and Damaging Winds to Greenview CA on July 23rd 2003: A Look at Microburst
    Potential Indices

    Mike Stavish, WFO Medford, OR

  • 04-35
    Analysis of a Spring Coastal Stratus Surge - A WES Case
    Danny Mercer, WFO Seattle, WA

  • 04-36
    Dangerous Fire Weather Conditions and Severe Weather Case Study Using the WES
    Thomas L. Salem Jr., WFO Glasgow, MT

  • 04-37
    The Importance of Frontogenesis in Cool Season Precipitation Events
    Michael Staudenmaier, WFO Flagstaff, AZ

  • 04-38
    High Wind Event of February 21-22, 2002 for Northcentral and Southwest Montana
    John Blank, WFO Great Falls, MT

  • 04-39
    A Squall Line Event on October 26, 2004 Over Northwest California
    Stan Rose and Mel Nordquist, WFO Eureka, CA

  • 04-40
    A WES Analysis of the Great Basin National Park Nevada Heavy Snow Event of January 30-31, 2004
    Steven L. Apfel and Timothy E. Sedlock, WFO Elko, NV

  • 04-41
    An Unconventional High Wind Event: The Wind Storm of November 18 and 19, 2003
    Matt Fugazzi, WFO Spokane, WA

  • 04-42
    An Example of a Heavy Precipitation (HP) Supercell Producing Record Rainfall Rates in Downtown Sacramento, CA
    James H. Mathews and John Juskie, WFO Sacramento, CA

  • 04-43
    March 2-4, 2004 Winter Storm in Southeast Arizona - A WES Case
    Jim Meyer, WFO Tucson, AZ

  • 04-44
    Two Similar Mountain Snow Events with Significant Model Dry Biases
    Don Moore, WFO Billings, MT

  • 04-45
    The Eastern Antelope Valley Eddy (EAVE) and Its Impact on Severe Weather
    Dave Danielson, WFO Oxnard, CA

  • 04-46
    Strong Wind Event of 18-19 February 2004 - A WES Case
    Doug Green, WFO Phoenix, AZ

  • 04-47
    The Impact of Evaporational Cooling on the Las Vegas Valley Snowfall of 30 December 2003
    Stan Czyzyk, WFO Las Vegas, NV

  • 04-48
    A Review of the 2004 Thanksgiving Weekend Snow Event in Western Nevada
    Wendell Hohman, Gina Beninato, Jim Fischer, Tom Cylke, James Wallman. WFO Reno, NV

  • 04-49
    A Downslope Windstorm Induced by Precipitation in a Post-Convective Rain Region Investigated
    Using the Weather Event Simulator

    Gene Petrescu, WFO Missoula, MT

  • 04-50
    A Look at a Rare Winter Mesoscale Convective System
    Jeffrey Hedges, WFO Pocatello, ID