1997 TA Lites

97-1 Visible Satellite Shows Blowing Dust on a Windy Day Across Western Nevada

Mary M. Cairns and Ray Collins - NWSFO Reno

97-2 14 April 1997 chaff example from Utah

Steve Vasiloff - NSSL/NWS WRH

97-3 Comparison of GOES-9 Imager and Sounder Precipitable Water (PW) against the RAOB PW

By Samuel Shearer - WR/SSD

97-4 A Dry-line seen in IR and WV Imagery

By Heath Hockenberry, NWSO Eureka

and Benjamin Peterson, NWSO Elko

97-5 RH Differences Between Models - The Case of April 5-6, 1997

By Larry E. Osterman and Mary Cairns


97-6 The use of GOES sounder data to detect an area of potential thunderstorm formation on July 31, 1997

By Kevin J. Schrab - WR/SSD

97-7 Mixed phase and radar reflectivity/rainfall rate

By Steve Vasiloff - WR/SSD

97-8 An example of the use of GOES-9 digital data and surface observations on WFO-Advanced (AWIPS) to determine cloud cover on Nov. 10, 1997

By Kevin J. Schrab - WR/SSD

97-8 Use of the fog/stratus product to detect a stratus deck on December 29, 1997

By Kevin J. Schrab - WR/SSD

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